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Pet Tributes

Crystie Parshall 1999-2014


Crystie loved every human, dog and cat she ever met, but most of all she loved to hunt woodcock.

Cassie Harvey 2003-2015


It seems like just yesterday that we took the trip to New York to get you. Life there was scary for you being abandoned by your former owners. From the first moment we saw you, it was apparent you were meant to be in our family. Your sweet gentle eyes, the way you raised your eyebrows, the way you wanted nothing more than to get into our laps......we knew you had found your forever home with us. The past 5 years were full of excitment for you. Long rides out to camp, tramping through the mud puddles, burrowing in the snow, chasing chickens in the back yard, and evenings spent on the couch watching TV with us, or sleeping on your own bed. We will never forget your sweet doggie smiles and your gentle ways. Our life seems very empty with you gone and we think of you every day. We know you are in a better place where you can run through the flower filled fields and lay in the shade. We hope there are plenty of bones to chew and lots of chickens to chase every day. We love you Cassie and we will see you again some day.

Sheena Marie Campbell


May 1995 - December 31, 2003


Sheena Marie Campbell was only 8 when we had to say goodbye. She was born on a farm in Enosburg Falls in the Spring of 1995. All the pups were out playing in the yard I walked up and as I always do sat on the ground and called the puppies. Sheena immediately ran to my lap. Sheena was a wonderful and protective friend. From early on she was attached to our family. My previous dog had been crate trained but not Sheena. From that first night she let us know that she would NOT be sleeping in no crate. She wormed her way into our hearts and straight into our bed. Although she was a dog she often forgot. Her favorite past time was to stalk squirrels, freezing in mid step and hunkering down she had watched our cats get birds and she would copy everything they did. She caught many many squirrels.


She enjoyed going for rides in our boat, playing with the kids, barking at anything that moved and escaping! What an escape artist she was. She was not happy with being home alone and knew how to get to our shop just a mile down the road. She would slip her collar, chew through a window or screen, jumped off a roof and tunneled her way under a fence. One day we pulled up to our shop only to find her breaking in. She had almost clawed and chewed her way through the garage door to find us.


But we still loved her so. I could not say goodbye I was not ready for her to die. I had a toddler and an infant with me when I found out she had cancer. She was too weak for surgery and all the news was very grim. So I instructed the vet to do what I knew was best and the kids and I left.


New Year's Eve 2013 marked the 10th anniversary of her death. She is still loved and she is still missed. A wonderful dog still watches over us.


Roy Larose 2004-2014


To my Roy,

Roy you came into my life at time that I was desperately in need for some unconditional love. The first time I saw you. I fell in love with you and you did with me as well. At that time I had no idea just how much love and joy you would bring into my life. You didn't ask for much. You just wanted to be loved and cared for. You just wanted to be with Mimi. You loved to snuggle on the couch with me, sit on my lap, sit beside me in a chair, take a nap with me or go to bed at night with me. You just wanted to feel loved as we all do. I will never forget your first Christmas. I got you a week before Christmas and had to do some shopping and I could not leave you home alone. So I borrowed Addy’s baby pack and put you in it and took you Christmas shopping with. You just loved it. You were my mornings, my noons and my nights. I miss you so much. I miss your kisses, your loving licks, your happy face and your beautiful eyes. I miss hearing your little bark of excitement when I come home. You would be so happy to see me. You just couldn't contain your joy to see me. I will always miss you and hold you in my heart forever. No one can ever take your place in my heart.

Daisy May Irish


September 7, 2005 – May 29, 2015


Daisy came to live with us when she was just a little pup. Right from the beginning, she loved to curl up with mom to take a nap, crawling right under the blanket. And we could never get our ATV out unless we took her for a ride on it. About the only thing she loved more was when it was time for a puppy treat. She certainly knew the ‘F’ word (food, that is!) And she was always ready to go for a ride in the car. One of the highlights of her year was when we would go camping. She made friends with all the campers, would play with stones she found, and after some time on the beach would spend evenings on her chair beside the campfire. In the fall she loved to play in the leaves, and at Christmas she wanted to open everyone’s presents. Mom, dad and Warren miss you dearly and you will never be forgotten.


Bos Little




It seems like only yesterday planning to pick you up in Canada. We had hoped to find a loving first dog for the kids, Alex had just turned 5 and Jordan was almost two. We had done our research, a lab or golden retriever was it, and you and your siblings were spotted in the newspaper, ready for Thanksgiving weekend. You were born on October 9 and now 6 weeks old.

We planned a Canada visit with the kids, they had no idea we were off to come get you. We got to the Canadian border and an officer asked our purpose for visiting. There was no need to lie but we tried to be quite not to spoil the surprise. Then the officer looked back at Alex and Jordan, “You two all excited to go get a puppy” Oh my, that next hour dragged as they were so excited to get you.

When we arrived at the farm, 3 bouncing golden retriever puppies came running out with their mom and dad close by. We had our mind set on a boy, Alex had already named you. He said “We will call him Bos, because I can spell it.” So Bos it was. We snuggled you on a blanket between the kids and you slept all the way home.

Since then you were Bos and we loved and protected you, as you did the same for Alex & Jordan. You played with the kids in the yard and stretched out on Alex’s bed for naps. You were a little fur ball that was so energetic and playful.

We will all forever miss you…until the day we meet again over the Rainbow Bridge.