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An intimate goodbye


At Island Memorial we understand the indescribable difficulty of deciding on euthanasia. When you have decided that it is best for your pet and your family to consider euthanasia, our compassionate team will be there for you.


You can trust a vet to meet you in our chapel and allow you to take the time to embrace your pet for its final moments. Euthanasia is a peaceful and virtually pain-free way to let your beloved pet pass and we will ensure that you have the opportunity to take undisturbed quiet time to say your final goodbyes. Trust in our team - we specialize in compassion.

Our own crematory is on-site allowing us to offer unique and specialized cremations. We have cremation services readily available after you have said goodbye. Arrange an immediate local and private cremation and you will have your pet's remains returned to your careful possession within 5-7 days.


Paying tribute is of the utmost importance to us, and your hand crafted cedar urn will come with a memorial photo, poem and complimentary memorial tribute on our website.


We offer the option of a witness cremation where the family may be present while its pet is placed in the cremation chamber.  A family may also wait in our comfortable setting to receive their pet’s cremains after cremation.

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Pre-Arranged Services

Our staff is available to accommodate a families request for making pre-arrangements for the future loss of their pets.  Please contact us for more detailed information and offerings.

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